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Presented in a jaw-dropping cabinet, this game will stand out in any location. Fun, intuitive gameplay sees players use the lever with optimum strength, to launch the ball up the play field and into the bonus ticket zone. As the ball rolls up, it swings the stoppers creating and irresistible mechanical attraction that mesmerizes players. Various ticket values along the ramp ensure players always win tickets.

“Power Roll is one of the best games out today and it’s among the Top 10 Ranked games for the past 6 weeks since it was in stalled at my test location that has all the newest and best games. This is simply amazing for a new game to accomplish these consistent high earnings. Sega has a winner!!!” Frank Seninsky, President/CEO Alpha-Omega Amusements & Sales

“Power Roll is fantastic and a consistent earner. It’s among the top pieces we operate and seems to work in all environments.” George Smith, President of Family Entertainment Group.


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